Posted by: orbitzoom | Dec 28, 07

OrbitZoom Zoom Pan Picture Viewer Launches

The OrbitZoom picture viewer at provides easy multiple zoom and pan functionality. Simply click the picture and move your cursor radially in any direction to zoom to where you clicked. Click again when you are finished zooming. You can zoom again using the same technique or you can pan by clicking down and dragging. Double click to return to the full view. Here is the only instruction needed:


You can download the desktop version at right and then drop any jpg, gif, png onto the viewer. Click the arrows to cycle through images in the same directory or set a slideshow with the spacebar.

Download the Website zip file to get OrbitZoom for your Website. Here you can load the swf file in a window of its own and pass it a URL to the picture(s) or you can embed the swf file using the provided code. Instructions come in the zip.


  1. Is it possible to automatically open a file with the desktop version (oribitzoom.exe)? I want to run something like Orbitzoom.exe c:\myfile.jpg

  2. Hmmm… not sure. You can make orbitzoom the default image viewer – I have for years and it is great! Then you can perhaps just open the image on the command line (however you would do that) and it would open in OrbitZoom. Sorry for the extreme delay – we were touring every cave in the Arctic for the last half year…

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