Posted by: orbitzoom | Mar 6, 08

Adobe ® AIR ™ Powers OrbitZoom Zoom Picture Viewer

Adobe Air Powers OrbitZoom Zoom Picture Viewer

Adobe has just launched AIR 1.0 for download here.

We have updated OrbitZoom to use AIR 1.o and the link to download the desktop zoom pan picture viewer is at right or click here.

There is an OrbitZoom for Websites too and please let us know if you are using it so we can add you to our Site list!



  1. We have just added OrbitZoom to the Adobe Exchange. And we currently hold the number 4 location on Google for AIR Image Viewer.

  2. Very cool image viewer! Has anyone been able to implement OZ inside of a Adobe Flex application? I’m hoping to do so, although I would likely be require a few custom features, such as “fit image” and “fit width”.

  3. Thank you for the reply David! Sorry about the delay – it seems that this page was tucked away somehow from our view.

    We have not tried OZ inside of a Flex application. We would be happy to send you the AS files if you’d like.

  4. Has Orbitzoom been tested within a flex application yet ? Unfortunately I haven’t had any success initialising the Orbitzoom.swf within the SWFLoader flex component. Any advance will be greatly appreciated.

    • Hi Derek,
      Please see the response to David below. 😉

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