Posted by: orbitzoom | Apr 3, 08

Orbit Zoom in OrbitZoom – Just Helping People Find The Desktop Image Viewer

We noticed a search for Orbit Zoom with a space does not easily find the site. So we thought we would post with the words Orbit Zoom separated to help people find us!


OrbitZoom (Orbit Zoom) is a picture viewer for jpg, gif, png that allows you to easily zoom in and pan on images. You drop the picture or pictures on the application or application icon. You can use arrows to go from one picture to the other. If you drop one picture on then the arrows will take you through all the pictures in the directory.


Zoom Pan Cursors for Orbit Zoom Image Viewer

The zooming uses a radial interface (vaguely orbital) where you click down and up on your target and then move your mouse away from where you clicked in any direction. This zooms in on the picture. You can then pan by dragging the picture. You can click (down and up) on a new target and zoom in more if you want, etc. When you want to zoom out you just double click.


Now to the slide show! Just hit the space bar to toggle the show. Use the numbers to set the number of seconds. You can go beyond 9 by using combinations of ctrl and alt numbers. You can use F11 to make full screen use the +- to go forward or backwards, etc.


OrbitZoom is free and you can download it from the links at left. If you download the desktop version you need Adobe AIR installed too (free and fast). Let us know what you think!


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