Posted by: orbitzoom | Apr 3, 08

Video of OrbitZoom Zoom Pan Picture Viewer in Action!

This is just a quick view of the basic zoom and pan features. For more features like the slide show please see the features link.

When the voice says “click” to zoom, it means click down and up.  This is one aspect that you need to get used to – but you do quickly.

Note that in the video when the voice says “actual size” what is meant is fit size – so the picture fits the window. Actual size can be obtained by pressing the A key.



  1. This looks great. Can this be used within a wordpress site at all?


  2. Just realised that’s a silly question as I have found it on a wordpress site, doh… How do you install it in wordpress?


    • Hi Emily,

      Well… it is Flash based so it can be used on your own WordPress – if you install on your server. But it can’t be directly used in at the moment because they have not let us embed Flash. It can be used in Blogger and on traditional Web pages.


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