The OrbitZoom picture viewer at http://orbitzoom.com provides easy multiple zoom and pan functionality. Simply click the picture and move your cursor radially in any direction to zoom to where you clicked. Click again when you are finished zooming. You can zoom again using the same technique or you can pan by clicking down and dragging. Double click to return to the full view. Read the Theory on the interface. Here are the only instructions needed:


You can download the desktop version at right and then drop any jpg, gif, png onto the viewer. Click the arrows to cycle through images in the same directory or set a slideshow with the spacebar.

Download the Website zip file to get OrbitZoom for your Website. Here you can load the swf file in a window of its own and pass it a URL to the picture(s) or you can embed the swf file using the provided code. Instructions come in the zip.

OrbitZoom was created by a proud team of developers (Hi Matt, Andy, Selma, and Farouk) and supported by the West Coast Marketing Collective. Our goal is to bring simple, easy tools to the people. Leave a note if you wish to contact us.




  1. hello,

    i’m excited to find your flash based image viewer with zoom. however, i’m having trouble embedding it on my page though i’m able to use it in a new page just fine. it seems the orbitzoom.html doesn’t have an example of the embedded viewer.


  2. Hi Jonathan,

    Put the code from the orbitzoom.html on your page (between the start and stop OrbitZoom code. Then you need to put the orbitzoom.js page and the orbitzoom.swf in the same directory as your page.

    Let me know if this helps…


  3. Hey guys,

    Sorry I can’t show you our implementation (its a closed system) but it has worked great. We had a 2000 x 300 panoramic we needed to display with template that only allowed 400 pixels.

    Orbitzoom worked a treat!


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