Posted by: orbitzoom | Nov 2, 08

OrbitZoom Free Zoom Pan Picture & Slide Show Viewer to Download

Zoom Pan Cursors for Orbit Zoom Image Viewer

OrbitZoom is pretty amazing! If you have not already, get Adobe AIR (see link at right). It is a runtime environment for your computer like Java but less intrusive. Then download and install the 88K OrbitZoom application (again at right). All this only takes a couple minutes! Please ignore the unknown publisher – we do not want to pay $300 a year for certificate.

Now you can open up OrbitZoom and drop a picture or a selection of pictures on it. Or you can drop a picture on the OrbitZoom icon. Once you get to know OrbitZoom you will probably want it to open your files automatically when you double click on an image file. To do that, set the association of the file to OrbitZoom following these steps for Windows:

  1. Open any folder and select Tools > FolderOptions > File Types
  2. Scroll down the files until you see JPE, JPEG, JPG
  3. Click Change and then select OrbitZoom
  4. Repeat for each one and perhaps add GIF as well

On the Mac, just get the info on a jpg file and from the Open With pulldown, select OrbitZoom.

Once you are viewing a picture, here is a quick few phrases to help you operate the zoom and pan:

Click Zoom Click
Click down and up on your target and then move your mouse in any direction to zoom.

Click Drag Pan
Click and hold down then move your mouse to pan – click up to stop panning.

Double Click Fit
Double Click to zoom back to making the picture fit in the window.

You can zoom in multiple times with ease – each time adjusting your target. You can pan between zooms as much as you like. To quickly get your orientation, just double click. Please read the Theory page for reasons why this technique has received excellent scores in the Knox Zoom Range and Zoom Speed tests.

Aside from zooming and panning, you can use OrbitZoom as a SLIDE SHOW by just pressing the spacebar. This will show each of the pictures for 5 seconds that you have dropped on OrbitZoom. Or if you drop a single file onto OrbitZoom it will show each picture in the same directory for 5 seconds. You can change the rate of the show by using the numbers along the top of the keyboard. There are other features too. Please see the Features tab above for all features.

If you have a site and would like to let people use OrbitZoom to see your pictures, please download the site version of OrbitZoom at right and let us know so we can add you to our Sites page. Also, we would love to hear your review of OrbitZoom. Do not be shy, just click the Review tab.



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